Playlist Share


So fun fact: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE making playlists. Ever since I had my very first iPod and MacBook, I would make dozens and dozens of playlists. I could spend a whole day making different kinds of playlists, shoegazy, post-punk, punk, girly, nostalgic anythinggg!

Anyways, I get a lot of comments on my music from my instagram stories and a friend suggested that I share them. So here's my current favorite! I made this one last year and constantly edit it until I am super in love with it. If I can some it up it has a very haunting, lost love but still good love and dream pop with some a twist of randomness. Hope you love it! I think I listen to this one maybe twice a day on average. I'm crazy.

There's A LOT of Alvvays because I adore them so so so much. And a lot of Beach Fossils because their latest record is amazinggg and their sound reminds me of my early twenties. Also I called it WAITIN because it's after my favorite Angel Olsen song ever. Ok enjoy! :)