Ladies Drawing Night | One

I recently hosted my first Ladies Drawing Night event at my place with some of my friends. Last year I read about the Ladies Drawing Night book by the illustrators Julia Rothman, Rachel Cole and Leah Goren. Besides the obvious fun idea to gather your friends and just paint together I liked the focus behind it. Sometimes it's really tough to find time to just sit and create or just pick up your brush and paint. However, when an event is created solely for the purpose to create, there's no excuse. This is what captivated me and inspired me to do the same. 

Some days I just work on the background part of my art like organizing my studio room, or cutting new packaging paper etc. And then I will realize that I haven't painted for fun in a few days or even weeks. This is where LDN comes in to assist! 

My friends and I just sat around a table full of art supplies from watercolors to markers and gouache and acrylics etc. Also snacks. All of the snacks. We didn't have a "focus"  this time around. However, my sister did accidentally spill ink on her drawing and before she was ready to toss it, my other sister took it and began adding to it and then we passed it around to create a collaborative piece. Below are some of the pieces we created! Ladies Drawing Night 2 will continue next month!